Donor Walls

Acknowledging individuals and business for their role in supporting an organization is a means of showing respect to the contributor and honoring the gift. Donor walls are places where this can occur. When designed with intention, these walls can bring an artistic dimension to a facility by providing areas of color, texture, dimension and continuity within the building. We have had the opportunity to create numerous donor walls and have found that their beauty can actually inspire donations. Incorporating subtle design elements, like engraving the names on glass so that a viewer can witness their reflection, is a technique that reminds the viewer that they, too, can contribute to the cause. Also, allowing ample room for additional names is another way to demonstrate that the opportunity exists for a person to add their support to the program. Donors walls are visual expressions of thanks to the contributor and also serve as reminders to the general public that these specific individuals and businesses contribute to the overall welfare of their community.

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